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VizCollab is the answer.... What was the question?
I need a collaboration tool for the visual things, like designs of any kind.
I want to collaborate easily with my clients ( or all the participants of the project ). When there are many participants I don't want to type 20 emails to invite them all.
I must have all the designs of the project in one place, and also want to be able to upload new design-versions and to be able to compare between current and previous versions.
I must be able to work on designs with large dimentions and when i work on web design i want to continue from the mockup to the live web site.
Another thing is that sometimes i nagotiate the details of a specific thing with the client (or group) so i need a place for discussions but also a place where i can write short messages or long informative text.
I prefer to collaborate on my own time, but when we have online meetings i would like the annotations to be updated on the spot.
I want to be able to have many annotations and that it wont be a mess and to know which one i already saw. Having colored annotations would be helpful and also a work-status would be nice.
I want new clients to hire me because they know I listen to them.
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